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Schedule a Test

Scheduling a test in the BACtrack View App is easy. You can you can set the test date and time, and if you’d like the test to repeat or not. You can also select if you want the test to occur at a specific time or at random time during a testing window. If you choose the random time option, you can also select the number of randomized tests you’d like to occur, during that time frame.


Customized Date & Time Schedules

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Repeat Testing Schedules

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Randomized Testing Schedules

On-Demand Testing

Add a Connection

For every BACtrack View Tester account, you can add two types of Connections: a Monitor and an Accountability Partner. The number of Connections a Tester can have depends on the plan level that you choose. Remember, anyone using the BACtrack View App must have an Apple iOS device.



A Monitor can not only view the Tester’s results but also has Admin rights over the Tester’s account. They set the testing schedule and can optionally be in charge of the account billing.

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner

An Accountability Partner helps and encourages the Tester by keeping them accountable. They can only view the Tester’s results, but nothing else. They cannot set a schedule or be in charge of billing.

Download a PDF Report

Depending on your BACtrack View plan level, you have the ability to download a PDF report of your test results. This option is not available for Basic plan users. Plus plan users can download one PDF report per month. Pro plan users have unlimited PDF report downloads each month.

PDF Report

Every PDF report contains:

  • Tester Name
  • Date & Time
  • Test Result

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