The Importance of Family in Alcoholism Recovery

Recovering from alcoholism is challenging for anyone. If your family member is trying to quit drinking, your support is more important than you realize. Recovering from alcoholism is one of the most challenging things a person can do. Alcohol use disorder is a serious, chronic disease that often affects nearly every area of someone’s life.…
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BACtrack View featured in MobiHealthNews

MobiHealthNews, a leading industry publication focused on emerging trends in digital health, covered BACtrack View’s official launch. BACtrack View, BACtrack’s all-new remote alcohol monitoring system, is finally making sobriety monitoring easy and accessible. With BACtrack View, a person can monitor someone’s sobriety directly from their smartphone. Using a BACtrack breathalyzer and the front-facing camera of…
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Easily Monitor Sobriety from Your Smartphone with the All-new BACtrack View

  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our all-new remote alcohol monitoring platform, BACtrack View BACtrack View allows a person to monitor someone’s blood alcohol content (BAC) directly from a smartphone. Using the front-facing camera of an iPhone, a person can provide photo-verified BAC results by blowing into a BACtrack. BACtrack’s smartphone-connected breathalyzers,…
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