How Much Do Alcohol Monitoring Systems Cost?

The benefits of accurate and reliable portable alcohol monitoring systems can be invaluable. Peace of mind, accountability, and knowing your loved ones, including children, are in a safe environment are all worth a lot. Still, there is an actual dollar cost to consider.

We’ve taken a look at the full costs of some popular remote alcohol monitoring systems, including equipment, start-up costs, monthly fees, and contracts.

SCRAM CAM Bracelet®

The continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet (CAM) by SCRAM is an ankle-fitted device that measures the wearer’s perspiration every 30 minutes for evidence of alcohol ingestion. It is almost always used as a court-ordered measure, meaning it’s not a voluntary option.

There are some very high costs for a defendant associated with the SCRAM CAM bracelet. In addition to legal fees and court costs, there is a setup fee of $50-$100 and a monthly monitoring cost of $300 to $450. Also, if the bracelet is damaged or destroyed – for example, by submersion in water – the defendant bears the complete replacement costs as well.

Intoxalock® Home eLERT

Intoxalock is a manufacturer of vehicle ignition lock systems for those who have been convicted of DUI or at risk for driving while intoxicated. The company has also begun to offer their Home eLERT system, an in-home breathalyzer. There’s no word on pricing information for the device itself, but the cost for monthly service is between $90 and $105.

Home eLERT is designed for in-home use, not portability. It also is not compatible with smartphones and exclusively uses the Verizon Wireless network. So if you live in an area with spotty or no Verizon coverage, Home eLERT won’t be an option for you.

Smart Start BreathCheck™

BreathCheck™ is a new entry into the alcohol monitoring market. BreathCheck works with iOS and Android, but doesn’t have pricing information available yet on the website. It’s also unclear if you have to pay separately for a BreathCheck device or if it’s included in the plan. We’ll update this section as more information becomes available.

BACtrack View

The BACtrack View remote alcohol monitoring system works with your iOS or Android smartphone, no matter your wireless carrier. You have a range of customizable options and breath alcohol tests come with time- and location-stamped, photographic results. BACtrack View is comprised of the BACtrack View app and for the person monitored, BACtrack Mobile, a portable smartphone breathalyzer, which delivers police-grade accuracy.

BACtrack View provides three plan options, all of which come with a free BACtrack Mobile device and no activation fees. Plan costs range from $79.99 to $129.99 per month and supply from 30 to unlimited tests each month. None of the plans require a contract, so you can cancel at any time.

Other Portable Alcohol Monitoring Systems

A manufacturer of portable breathalyzers similar to BACtrack View offers several plan options for both continuous monitoring and monitoring of a parent only while they have custody of children.

The device cost is separate from the monthly subscription fee and varies from $299 with a 120-day contract to $599 for a no-contract setup. The monthly costs range from $99 to $249, according to the features requested and time monitored.

Learn more about BACtrack View and sign up for a free two-week trial!

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