Alcohol Addiction Resources

BACtrack View is committed to helping individuals, families, and friends impacted by alcohol addiction. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help.

Comprehensive List of Alcoholism Resources

This is an ever-evolving list of alcohol addiction resources that you can refer back to at any time.

Peace of Mind at a Price You Can Afford

BACtrack View offers a reliable and affordable way to rebuild trust and accountability with loved ones, from an easy to use App interface. Instantly see video-verified breathalyzer results directly on your smartphone.

Who’s It For?

DUI Pretrial

Family Law & Child Custody Cases

Keep an eye on a parent’s drinking behavior and protect your children during visitations and parenting time.

Family Law & Child Custody

Support for Family & Friends

Increase accountability and encourage lasting behavioral change. Test loved ones or create your own support group.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Convenient and quick self-testing anywhere you go; verified and easy to share results.

Teen Drivers

Peace of mind that your driving-age child is making smart decisions while behind the wheel.

Health Professionals

An easy-to-use and affordable monitoring solution for rehab and addiction management programs.

Workplace Management

A simple and affordable way to make sure employees and drivers are sober on the job.

How Remote Alcohol Monitoring Works

To see the BACtrack View App in action, click here.
BACtrack View Calendar iPhone

Set Your Testing Schedule

Choose on-demand or schedule random alcohol testing for someone you’d like to monitor remotely or for self-testing.

BACtrack View Take a Test iPhone

Request a BAC Test

Automated notifications tell a user when it’s time to test. BACtrack Mobile and the BACtrack View app offer easy and discreet BAC testing.

BACtrack View Test Results iPhone

Get Real-Time Results

Video and location-verified BAC results are captured and saved via the App, and automatically shared with Monitors via Text or Email.

Since 2001, BACtrack has provided millions of people with the trusted tools needed to gain a higher level of transparency and accountability with their BAC testing.

Now we’ve reinvented remote alcohol monitoring, making it accessible and affordable for any purpose.