Who Uses BACtrack View for Remote Alcohol Monitoring?

BACtrack products are used by millions of people for a broad range of purposes—social drinkers who want to make smart decisions, parents who need to test children in zero-tolerance situations, and family members of individuals with alcohol addiction disorders.

Over the years, we’ve heard from thousands of customers who use BACtrack products. We’ve learned that they want and need a product that provides verifiable, real-time results, but one that doesn’t require them to be present to witness or administer BAC tests.

In response, we’ve created BACtrack View to offer users trust and accountability through remote monitoring.If a police officer deems you “noticeably impaired”, or if you fall under your state’s zero tolerance laws (e.g., you’re under 21 or have children in the car), you could face a DUI even if you are under the legal limit.

Introducing BACtrack View

BACtrack View is the world’s first smartphone-based remote BAC monitoring system. BACtrack View is accurate, mobile and easy to use for both on-demand and random testing. When monitoring others, you’ll receive notifications for all test activity on your smartphone. Test subjects simply blow into the BACtrack Mobile Pro unit, a police-grade breathalyzer that features our Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor. A photo is taken, the test time, date and location are confirmed, and test results are delivered in real-time. BACtrack View BAC tests are tamper-proof, too.

With real-time BAC results that you can view on your smartphone, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a family member, friend or loved one is sober. And employers will know that their employees are safe—and on the job!

Common Use Cases

Test Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Parents can test children of driving age before their kids drive home from a night out. In child custody cases, parents can monitor ex-spouses when they pick up their children for parenting time. In alcohol addiction recovery circumstances, concerned individuals can test those who are struggling to overcome their alcohol addiction disorders.

BACtrack View can also be used for self-testing, and others can be invited to view your photo/location-verified and timestamped results.

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Self-testing with BACtrack View

If you’re required to self-test and provide verified BAC results—maybe for an employer, loved one, or even the court—BACtrack View offers quick and convenient self-testing with verified and easy-to-share results. BACtrack goes where you go, so you can quickly and conveniently test yourself anytime, anywhere, and send accurate and verifiable test results in real time. Self-monitoring also offers loved ones, therapists, and even the end user a way to rebuild trust, boost self-esteem, and track one’s progress toward a healthy outcome.

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