Using BACtrack View to Monitor a Loved One’s Alcohol Level with Empathy

Alcohol dependence does not occur overnight. People with alcohol problems have developed issues over several months or years, sometimes even decades. So it’s not realistic to expect these problems to be resolved immediately. Recovery from alcohol abuse is a gradual, sometimes painstaking, process, but if you have a loved one suffering from alcohol dependence, you have the power to be a great help to them. Studies show that social support is the most important factor in successful recovery from alcohol dependence.

You may be wondering how to best support your friend or family member suffering from alcohol problems. You might even be hesitant to reach out to them for fear of making the situation worse. Using the BACtrack View system to promote accountability can help. Consider the tips below in conjunction with remote alcohol monitoring to help your loved one through this struggle.

Present Monitoring as an Opportunity, Not a Challenge

You don’t want to come off as a warden or probation officer when monitoring your friend or family member for alcohol use. Instead of approaching alcohol monitoring as surveillance, frame it as an opportunity for them to prove how much they’ve improved. BACtrack View offers unassailable evidence of abstinence and sobriety with its precise, photographic, and time-stamped results. Emphasize to your loved one how this serves of proof of their continued efforts on the path to recovery.

Take Time for Praise

There’s no question that alcohol can be an addictive substance. Those with alcohol problems are afflicted with both physical and psychological cravings. For many, each day can be a struggle. As such, positive reinforcement from someone they care for can go a long way.

By offering praise for achieved goals, you are encouraging your loved one in their battle. You needn’t make a huge deal of each sober day, but even a few words can be much appreciated. For example, a simple statement could give them what they need to get through another day – “I know they were serving alcohol at the office party, but your monitoring results were completely negative. I’m proud of you.”

Have Patience

As with many chronic diseases, setbacks with alcohol abuse sometimes happen. Although most experts recommend total sobriety for those recovering from alcohol problems, it is rare for one to be completely successful on their first attempt. Just as the dependence developed gradually, the recovery will be a process as well.

If you’ve decided to maintain a relationship with a loved one dealing with alcohol problems, you’ll need to invest time and patience to help them through their recovery. Professional counseling and recovery programs can certainly help in this endeavor. Also, don’t forget that there are several groups available to help friends and family of alcoholics, such as SMART Recovery Family Groups, Al-Anon Family Groups, and Adult Children of Alcoholics. You shouldn’t neglect your own needs and struggles during your loved one’s recovery.

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