Remote Alcohol Monitoring in the Workplace with BACtrack View

Learn how the BACtrack View remote alcohol monitoring system is an effective and efficient method of ensuring sobriety in your workplace.

Alcohol use in the workplace can create significant hazards and directly lead to expensive incidents. In fact, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that up to 47% of industrial accidents and 40% of deaths are connected with alcohol. These statistics reveal the human cost of alcohol abuse on the job, but the monetary expenses can also be massive.

The BACtrack View remote alcohol monitoring system is an effective and efficient method of ensuring sobriety in your workplace. Simple and easy to use, BACtrack View interfaces with the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer – the most accurate available. Using BACtrack View to hold your employees accountable makes good sense, both for safety and cost savings. It’s a fair and objective way to keep your job site alcohol-free.

Risk Mitigation

No matter your industry, alcohol use on the job presents huge risks. Intoxicated employees are more likely to make mistakes, cause hazardous situations for both themselves and others, and be involved in inappropriate behavior.

Of course, these incidents often lead to lawsuits, damage to company property, and liability issues, all of which can be major costs. Then there’s the employee inefficiency that accompanies workplace alcohol use. According to The United States Office of Personnel Management, employees who abuse alcohol are absent four to eight times more than employees without alcohol issues. However, you can go a long way towards controlling these costs with the BACtrack View.

Versatile Use

This innovative BACtrack View system allows you to test any employee anywhere. You can easily set the BACtrack View to randomly send test requests only during working hours. You’re also able to send a manual request at any time. So you can test an employee acting suspiciously or before beginning hazardous work. Also, any user you select, including multiple users, are able to view the results – ideal for employees who report to several managers.

Testing You Can Trust

Since the BACtrack View system has police-grade accuracy, you’re protected from making unsupported allegations. In fact, every test is accompanied by a photo, location information, and a timestamp. This gives you verified evidence and reliable BAC results.

The BACtrack View system is far more accurate than most urine alcohol screens, and it’s much faster than waiting on the results of a blood test. Also, breathalyzers are a non-invasive method of testing BAC and are much less vulnerable to employee objections than other BAC tests.

These days, many leading companies use smartphones and tablets, and BACtrack View works on most iOS and Android devices. It’s never been easier to test workers, those in the next room, or across the nation.

Don’t Take Chances

Even a single alcohol-related incident in the workplace can snowball into astronomical costs for your company. Protect your business, your customers, your employees, and yourself with accurate and precise results. Make the BACtrack View breathalyzer system part of your company’s risk avoidance strategy.

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