Preventing Alcohol Relapses with BACtrack View

Problems with alcohol often become a disease, and like many diseases, relapse is always an issue. Yet, with continued work, dedication, and support, those with alcohol issues absolutely can maintain sobriety.

A Psychology Today article by Dr. Omar Manejwala supports this assertion. Dr. Manejwala discusses research published in 2007 that found those who made it to five years of sobriety had a less than 15% chance of relapse. This is certainly encouraging news for both those who are struggling with alcohol and their loved ones.

Sobriety monitoring can be an important part of an alcohol support program. Accurate and convenient monitoring ensures accountability and builds trust. BACtrack View provides the ultimate in remote sobriety monitoring and is one of the latest offerings from leading breathalyzer manufacturer BACtrack. The BACtrack View app works with most smartphone devices and the highly accurate BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer.

Here are some features of BACtrack View that can be extremely useful in the support process to avoid alcohol relapse.

Monitoring Whenever, Wherever

If you’re close to a person who has struggled with alcohol, you want to be there for them. Of course, it’s simply not possible to look over their shoulder 24-hours a day. BACtrack View provides the next best option.

You can schedule remote alcohol testing whenever works best for you. You also have the option of setting up random scheduling for added accountability. You’ll receive results with a photo as well as a time and location stamp. These verified results can really help your loved one to feel supported and aid in building trust between the two of you.

Trustworthy Accuracy

An inaccurate breathalyzer is of little use. Results that are over- or underreported provide no benefit to anyone. With the BACtrack View system, you can rest assured of the highest accuracy. BACtrack View uses the BACtrack Mobile, which is the only personal breathalyzer to demonstrate the same level of accuracy as police breathalyzers.

The accuracy and sensitivity of the BACtrack View system prevents excuses. Furthermore, it is sensitive enough to detect even trace amounts of alcohol. This precise level of detection goes a long way towards helping you support anyone dealing with alcohol issues. You’ll be able to confront them with solid results and be reassured if the results are negative.

BACtrack View – A Critical Part of Support

Of course, supporting someone suffering from alcohol problems shouldn’t be a game of “gotcha.” Rather, having objective data about sobriety status can be a powerful tool in your quest to help your loved one. The accurate results provided by the BACtrack View allow you to know exactly how they’re doing and if they’re making progress.

Good, continual support is paramount to maintain sobriety and prevent relapses. The convenience and accuracy of the BACtrack View, especially when combined with a professional support program and/or group, can help you in making a real difference for someone struggling with alcohol.

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