MedGadget Covers BACtrack View at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

BACtrack View featured on MedGadget


At January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, we unveiled updates to BACtrack View, our remote alcohol monitoring system.

MedGadget was there to learn more and filmed a quick video that serves as a great overview of the system. Press play just above and take a look!

BACtrack View was created due to customer demand for an easy, discreet, and affordable remote alcohol monitoring solution. BACtrack customers wanted a way to monitor loved ones (or even self-test) and obtain photo-verified BAC results both remotely and in real-time.

Today, customers are using BACtrack View to gain peace of mind about a loved one’s sobriety whether in a child custody case, for a recovering alcoholic or in any other instance when verified BAC results are required and in-person testing is impossible or inconvenient.

Developments just announced at CES include the creation of a BACtrack View web portal to make it easy for someone to monitor multiple people at once. The portal also offers improved reporting functionality and greater customization with regard to alerts, notifications, and scheduling. With these enhancements, BACtrack View is an optimal solution for individuals as well as employers, physicians, treatment providers and others monitoring multiple people or groups.

BACtrack View uses our award-winning BACtrack Mobile, a smartphone (iOS and now Android) and the BACtrack View app.

Learn more about BACtrack View for iOS and BACtrack View for Android and for a limited time, take advantage of a free two-week trial.


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