How Often Should You Test in Remote Alcohol Monitoring

How Often Should You Test With BACtrack View?

A question sometimes asked about alcohol monitoring is, “How often should it be used?” The answer largely depends on the purpose of the monitoring, and we can offer some general guidelines. First, keep in mind that alcohol is filtered from the body at varying rates for different individuals. This is mainly dependent upon body weight. That said, three to four separate testings per day are typically sufficient for most purposes.

For example, if you are monitoring a loved one who has struggled with alcohol in order to help keep them sober and accountable, you may want to initiate testing when you feel they’re most vulnerable. This may mean a test after work and then a few hours later in the evening. Of course, there is usually no point in requesting a breathalyzer test when your loved one is asleep or with you.

Testing in Child Custody Cases

The situation changes somewhat if the testing is for a child custody or visitation situation. In these cases, it is optimal to test about two hours prior to the visitation. You may also want to test up to four times a day when the other party is with the child and you’re not present.

Avoid Over-testing

While it’s always a good idea to be thorough and comprehensive with alcohol testing, you also don’t want to over-test. Requesting a dozen tests each day will quickly frustrate the tested party and can lead to noncompliance.

Remember, the BACtrack View remote alcohol monitoring system has several features that can make testing easier, such as the ability to schedule tests and verified, accurate results. Speak with your loved one’s counselor or doctor or your own attorney to get help with setting up a testing schedule. This way you’ll have a good plan in place for daily monitoring.

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