How Accurate is BACtrack View?

When you purchase a product, any product, it should be dependable and reliable. Say you buy a thermometer. If that thermometer is off by 5 degrees, it isn’t very useful. What if it’s only correct twice a day? You haven’t received what you paid for.

With some products, accuracy and dependability are even more critical. This is true when it comes to personal breathalyzers. Considering BACtrack is the leader in breathalyzers in North America and has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing breath alcohol testers, you’re in good hands with a BACtrack. In fact, BACtrack was the very first company to receive U.S. FDA 510(k) marketing clearance to legally sell breathalyzers to consumers for personal use, and BACtrack products are trusted by law enforcement, hospitals, clinics and other organizations.

BACtrack View is an innovative smartphone monitoring system that uses the BACtrack Mobile device to measure BAC (blood alcohol content). Like all BACtrack products, BACtrack Mobile provides the highest level of accuracy available in a personal breathalyzer, making the BACtrack View system not only convenient but reliable.

Why Is Accuracy Important?

Imagine you’ve had an evening out with friends. Although others have had a few drinks, you’ve completely abstained. Even though you’ve stayed steadfast, your loved ones may still be suspicious, especially if you’ve had past problems with alcohol. After all, most people don’t exhibit any obvious symptoms of intoxication after a single drink.

However, if you’re using BACtrack View, you have the reliable accuracy of BACtrack Mobile, sensitive to even trace amounts of alcohol and providing results within +/-0.005 BAC. This means you and your family have peace of mind and the assurance that your alcohol testing results are highly accurate and precise.

What Do the Experts Say?

In independent testing, BACtrack Mobile consistently performed best among personal breathalyzers. A New York Times review pitted BACtrack Mobile against other smartphone breathalyzers and a California Highway Patrol breathalyzer. Out of all the devices, only BACtrack Mobile gave readings that precisely matched the officer’s $900 professional unit.

Additionally, both NBC-Los Angeles and The Dr. Oz Show ran similar studies testing BACtrack Mobile against a police breathalyzers and other units and rated BACtrack Mobile #1.

Has BACtrack Won Any Awards?

Yes! BACtrack Mobile has won many awards for design, ease of use, and of course, accuracy.

These include:

  • Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” Award for innovation in health.
  • Good Design award for best in category for consumer electronics.
  • Rated #1 breathalyzer brand by Car and Driver

Experience BACtrack Mobile’s accuracy and ease of use with BACtrack View.

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