How Accountability with BACtrack View Can Help Recovery

Those that are overcoming problems with alcohol know recovery is often a lifelong process. Victims of alcohol may struggle for years to not only abstain but to prove to other people that they have overcome their difficulties. There may be complex situations where trust has been weakened and accountability, both to yourself and others, is desperately needed.

BACtrack View can help you repair trust and stay accountable as you recover from alcohol problems. BACtrack View is a complete system for remote alcohol testing that provides both you and those who must trust you with a convenient and reliable method of complete accountability.

Using BACtrack View couldn’t be easier. All you need is an iOS device, the BACtrack View app, and the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer that comes free with your monthly BACtrack View subscription.

You’ll then be able to benefit from these features:

Reliable Proof/Verified Results

Every time you test yourself with BACtrack View, whether from your own initiative or at the prompting of another, you receive photo-verified BAC results. These results also include your location and a timestamp. You can easily share these with others, and the results are provided to the person who prompted your testing. This gives you incontrovertible proof of sobriety and compliance.

You can use your results to build trust with not only loved ones but with your support group members as well. No longer will the people in your life just have to “take your word for it” that you abstained from drinking – now you can give them hard evidence of your progress.


A breathalyzer is of little use if it isn’t accurate. BACtrack has you covered with dependable, police-grade results. In fact, the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer used with the BACtrack View system was the only breathalyzer to give identical results to a $900 police breathalyzer in a test detailed in a recent article in The New York Times.

BACtrack Mobile has a detection range of 0.000% to 0.400% BAC, with a very precise accuracy level of +/- 0.005 BAC. So, both you and your family can rest assured that the results you’re posting with your BACtrack View are accurate and reliable.


Sharing your results needs to be simple. It’s all too easy to stop doing something if it becomes a hassle, and providing absolute proof of your sobriety to your loved ones is too important to skip. That’s why BACtrack View provides you with convenience and makes sharing your timestamped and photo-verified results a breeze.

BACtrack View even allows you or another person to set up a schedule for BAC testing. This way, there’s no need to remember to test yourself – the BACtrack View app will remind you.

What’s more, BACtrack View even allows for random testing. This is a great feature to help keep you alcohol-free around the clock and ensure accountability for yourself and your family.

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