Benefits of Remote Alcohol Monitoring in Family Law

Alcohol monitoring has long had an important role in criminal law, mainly in relation to trials for driving under the influence or assault. BAC results are also often useful in civil cases of negligence and injury liability. With the arrival of convenient and accurate remote alcohol testing in the form of BACtrack View, family cases are impacted by this technology as well.

The BACtrack View system is the ultimate in easily portable alcohol testing. It is a simple but powerful smartphone app that works in tandem with the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer. BACtrack View provides accurate, verified BAC results that can be integral to many family law situations, especially those involving child custody issues.

Objective Proof

It’s an unavoidable fact that divorce and child custody proceedings are often contentious. Emotions run high and accusations fly. This is why it’s so important to have objective evidence – whether of sobriety or alcohol use. BACtrack View does not discriminate, nor is it subject to falsification of results like urine tests. Furthermore, BACtrack View is convenient and non-invasive. Parties can argue that blood alcohol tests are too burdensome and time-consuming. The same can’t be said about BACtrack View.

With BACtrack View, both parties and the court can be assured of accuracy. The system uses the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer, which offers police-grade accuracy. Also, as every BAC testing is verified with a photo, location, and timestamp, it’s next to impossible to game the system with BACtrack View. This provides you with the most important factor in any legal case – the truth.

Breaking Through an Impasse

All too often, child custody proceedings come to a head where neither party will budge. These impasses are usually due to a mutual lack of trust. The accurate results of BACtrack View can help here too. For example, volunteering for alcohol monitoring with BACtrack View can build trust and give overwhelming evidence of sobriety. This can help to allay the other party’s suspicions and work towards an agreement.

Protecting Children

Most importantly, the BACtrack View system aids in protecting the children involved. Whether results are negative or positive, accuracy provides peace of mind and concrete proof. Precise BAC results also act as powerful evidence in the courtroom, giving the court the information it needs to make decisions in the best interest of the children.

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