BACtrack View featured in MobiHealthNews

MobiHealthNews, a leading industry publication focused on emerging trends in digital health, covered BACtrack View’s official launch.

BACtrack View, BACtrack’s all-new remote alcohol monitoring system, is finally making sobriety monitoring easy and accessible. With BACtrack View, a person can monitor someone’s sobriety directly from their smartphone. Using a BACtrack breathalyzer and the front-facing camera of a user’s smartphone, photo-verified BAC results are captured and shared with others via the BACtrack View app.

MobiHealthNews Editor in Chief, Jonah Comstock, interviewed BACtrack President and Founder, Keith Nothacker for the story and Nothacker shared how BACtrack View can positively impact those in recovery and the friends and family members who support them.

“Having something where two people or more than two people can easily verify that someone’s not drinking, it’s something that didn’t exist before,” Nothacker said. “The initial reaction can be ‘That’s creepy’ but when we speak with customers and someone who’s actually using it happily and willingly, they say ‘This is amazing.’ My wife didn’t believe that I was sober when I was traveling for work, and now she knows that I am. She helps in my recovery.’”

Just as BACtrack has made breathalyzers accurate, low-cost, and widely available, the company is doing the same for alcohol monitoring with BACtrack View. With accessibility and a powerful smartphone-based platform, BACtrack View can benefit the millions of people who struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder.

Get started with BACtrack View today and receive a 14-day free trial. Every BACtrack View plan includes a free BACtrack Mobile and plans start at $79 per month.

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